Scarlett Johanson first listen/reaction to ‘Anywhere I Lay My Head’

Scarlett Johnanson in the booth, speaking or singing

There are few things that diddle indie-boys fiddles in 2008 as much as the both abhorrent and curious concept of lads-wank-rag approved woman of the year, doing covers of Tom Waits, with TV on the Radio – frankly it’s something that goes beyond any mathsgasm we’ve ever come across. 

Last night a track from the eagerly anticipated record was leaked and first listen to ‘Anywhere I Lay My Head’ reveals a graceful, swooping eagle-like track, which has digi’ plink-plonking that sounds miles away from the lo-fi crack den blues of Tom Waits, and only hints that the breathy Miss Lost in Translation is involved. In fact, imagine if shoegazy-electronica-swedes Radio Dept. and, well, Brooklyn’s-soulful-retort-to-Mercury-Rev/Arcade-Fire TV on the Radio, had a girl doing what sounds at its core like a neat rip-off of the blog-raped track ‘Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl’ by Broken Social Scene which featured the sexy drizzel of Metric’s Emily Haines vocals. Scrape some of the personality froth off the top and leave to simmer like an egg on a wheel arch. 

Whatever next… David Lynch fronting the Pet Shop Boys? Johnny Depp joining the Gypsy Kings? Heather Mills playing drums in Slipknot?


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