Is Tom from MySpace the most famous person in the world?

note how much space MySpace get on the billing

Last week, whilst slouching at the back of the NME awards, leaning against the El Rey’s early-closed bar, the question of who the most famous person in the room had fizzled out and our cackling was no longer audible. That was until this blushing rush of awe ran through me and those around me. We’d been understandably unimpressed by Ron Jeremy, Rod’n’Ozzy’s daughters, one of the one’s who isn’t the singer from Arcade Fire, Sienna i-look-like-a-cross-between-Moss-and-Jo-Whiley and that stick thin cropped blonde Agynes Deyne (aka Laura Hollins born 16 February 1983).

Yet, as if from nowhere, there’s this rush of excitement in our rum-splashed corner and it wasn’t from having a wet-fish shake and the quickly turned back treatment from a behooded Kelly Osbourne, oh no, this sense of embarrassment was at the realisation there was a true star in the room and possibly the most famous person in the world, a certain Tom Anderson, of MySpace fame, everyone’s friend. His appearance in the room dwindled what could have been a big night for Perez Hilton, who probably shouldn’t have been there as his site is more than three times bigger than and if you believe the label who recently gave him an imprint (apparently not such a bad idea), is infinitely potent in comparison to NME’s small foothold of anglophiles in the states.

So with people like Tom, a personality-less, in-joke, proper geek, from a fallen empire (but at least he did something to be known) is all we have left to be in awe of, what does this mean for fame in these fractured times? If anyone fancies using their time doing a degree to study this for us, we’d be much obliged.

Apart from Evan Dando’s acoustic set of bits from It’s a Shame About Ray being talked all over and the “rip-roaring” return of Jane’s Addiction, at least Tom got to be a part of the only notable part of the night when that prized-prick with a nonsense accent and pub-rock covers album fell over.

NME Awards US 2008

Photo by Catherine Anne Davies

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  1. Umm have you not read anything abotu tom… hes not anything without his company

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