Why I don’t care about Carrie Bradshaw

Sex and the City

It warmed my cockles to read such an eloquent disdain for my second most hated show (the first being the numb-nut coffee cloning which-one-are-you factory that was Friends). Clearly, as a non-White Wine drinker, I’m not in it’s target audience, apart from the fact I’m often a viewer of prime time television shows but that doesn’t mean I can’t be riled by it.

Is it just me or has it done more harm to journalism than Clarissa Explains it All? People now think that being a writer is about living a ridiculous life and including yourself in the narrative of the rich and the fake tanned.

What sickened me most was the only thing of worth that any of them seemed to do was write a self-indulgent blog as a column in a magazine. Surely, the movie will go on to show that these women aren’t complete cluts who choose the wrong man and that there’s more to life (and modern feminism, celebrity and aspirational sofa culture) than shoes, cocktails and babies.

Says a lot for the modern world when something like this is seen as such a symbol of empowerment but it makes you wonder in increasingly fractured times whether we’ll ever find out exactly what women really really want.

Read the piece from theLipster here.

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