When the going gets crap, the crap get more-ironic…

Dear Children of Tomorrow,
Journalism or at the least getting your words inked and spread, used to be the preserve of the literate and “the worthy”. People would studiously slog for the honour of punching the public upside the head with their punchy prose. Topic sentences kicked open powerful paragraphs. People read newspapers to be enlightened about current affairs which affected their daily lives. The guardians of information had the power and being on the cover of a newspaper or magazine meant something. Something happened, experts reacted.

In the land of 2.0 and cheap printing, this is no longer the case and shit like Shite exists. It’s some sub-Banksy, Onion-obsessed tribute, which rather than undermine that which it loathes (Londonpaper and London Lite), simply re-affirms their position.

And frankly, haven’t people got better things to do than spend time and money criticizing free media? Oh yeah…


The Double Standards Commission

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