Depp buys Hunter’s boxes

Hunter S. Thompson was a prolific bastard. The man could write and write and write.

As well as the 15 odd books, campaign portrayals and collections, he wrote a lot of letters. Approximately 800 boxes worth.

Johnny Depp, friend, co-conspirator and theatrical doppelganger, has just bought these archives and plans to employ a team of experts to go through the notes, letters and ramblings and make it all make sense.

Good luck, guys.

Widow Anita Thompson blogged:

Yes, Johnny Depp did recently purchase Hunter’s archive (of aprox 800 boxes). There has been some internal hissing going on about it not going to a University. Listen, it has been made clear to me that eventually the archive will be placed in a University after Johnny’s team has organized the overwhelming amount of archival material. But let me remind you that Johnny is a very dear friend to the family and cares about Hunter’s legacy as much as anyone. So yes, Johnny is now the custodian and owner of the majority of Hunter S. Thompson’s papers.

I won’t get into all the details now, because some are private, and it’s also very late. But suffice it to say that I think Hunter would be pleased that his papers are in the able hands of his dear friend who is in the position to hire experts to organize the archive. Yes, it is important for scholars to have access — and that will happen when the time is right.

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