Entourage: It’s Back. Hug it out, bitch!

Entourage is one of the coolest shows on television. The writing is acidic and Jeremy Piven’s Ari Gold is one of the nastiest, sharpest tongued characters to come out of Hollywood in years.

The good news: It’s back.

The show will air September 7 on HBO.

You can watch a trailer here:

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New Buffy? Animated? Yes.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Animated Series was a short-lived project produced by Hollywood studio 20th Century Fox in 2001. It was intended for Fox Kids, but, following the demise of the kids network, it was never aired.

However, a three minute clip from the pilot has, this week, surfaced online.

It comes as Buffy creator Joss Whedon was recently crowned king of web video for his three part musical drama Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

Bored of Dictators wonders whether Whedon himself was responsible for the leak, ahead of a possible online resurrection of the brand, which ended its network run in 2003, and asks whether any other popular, recently deceased series could return animated?

The Buffy animated series, which was to be exec produced by Whedon and Jeph Loeb and drawn by The Simpsons’ producer Film Roman, was designed to be an 8x30mins adventure taking place after the end of the first season. The Buffy brand is, obviously, well placed to be extended either as a kids series or as an online project thanks to its zealous fanbase.

There are others; Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the animated spin off of the sci fi movie, exec produced by George Lucas, will likely be a massive success when it launches on Turner’s Cartoon Network in October.
But is it only sci-fi series that would work in such an arena? Could CBS’ much missed end-of-the-world drama Jericho find yet another life as a kids co-production? Would Mischa Barton ever consider reviving her role as The OC’s Marissa Cooper via the medium of cartoon?

Meanwhile, certain shows work better the other way around, moving from animation to live-action. Hit animated kids series Ben:10 has been turned into two live action movies, both produced by Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’s Alex Winter (Bill S. Preston), while the live action Scooby Doo movies have been as successful as their cartoon counterparts.

Whether the leak of the clip (shown above) was a deliberate move to take advantage of Whedon’s current standing, both online and in the TV world with the Eliza Dusku-starring thriller Dollhouse debuting next month, is unclear and realistically unlikely, but ultimately intriguing.

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Z-Rock: Flight of the Conchords-meets-Spinal Tap

Music and comedy is a tough mix; very few television series and movies about bands are very funny. I don’t know whether this is because rock n roll is, itself, one giant parody or we all take ourselves too seriously.

There are some moments of obvious genius – Spinal Tap is one of the funniest movies of all time, Adult Swim’s heavy metal cartoon Metalocalypse is devilishly amusing and Flight of the Conchords has reinvented the game with its Bowie-songs-versus-radio2-gallows-humour.

However, Z-Rock looks pretty damn funny too. The series, which will air later this year on IFC, follows a band of Sabbath worshipping heavy metal guys who moonlight as a Wiggles-esque Saturday morning kids party act. The party has, in fact, played for the kids of Robert DeNiro and Michael J. Fox.

In the show the band members play fictionalized versions of themselves, exaggerating their actual experiences — including a pitched rivalry with other New York-based children’s musicians — pursuing the recording contract that long eluded them.

“There were always hot moms,” Mr. Cassata, 30, the band’s drummer, said wistfully over a recent lunch of steamed broccoli and seared tuna, alongside his bandmates at a theater district restaurant.

Paulie Z, 28, interjected: “They were all wealthy, good-looking and in shape. I don’t speak for anyone in the band but myself, because I don’t know what skeletons are in their closets. But I definitely took advantage of some of the nannies.”

NY Times

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Robot Chicken Strikes Back

Robot Chicken, the animated series created by Seth Green, is one of the funniest cartoons on television. Some sketches on the Adult Swim show rival Family Guy for incomprehensible brilliance.

The best episode is the Robot Chicken: Star Wars parody special. So we’re well excited that Green has announced plans for a sequel.

Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II is a go. The cable network is moving ahead with a sequel that will premiere Nov. 16.

Many members of the voice cast from the first special, including original Star Wars actors Carrie Fisher and Billy Dee Williams — reprising their roles as Princess Leia and Lando Calrissian, respectively — are back. Also returning are Seth MacFarlane as Emperor Palpatine, Conan O’Brien as Zuckuss, Breckin Meyer as Admiral Ackbar and Boba Fett, and Ahmed Best as Jar Jar Binks. As for the creative direction in the sequel, “we decided to focus on the bounty hunters a bit and explore their stories,” “Robot Chicken” co-creator Matt Senreich said. “It’s a geek-fest for us all.”

Hollywood Reporter

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House M.D. season 5 teaser

Source: Facebook page

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The Office: An American Workplace x2

The Office: American Workplace is one of the funniest shows on US network television. It is also, quite possibly, funnier, than Ricky Gervais’ original.

There has been much talk of a Greg Daniels’ penned spin off with Saturday Night Live’s Amy Poehler (the next Tina Fey etc.). This has since morphed into an Office-style show with no connection to Dunder Mifflin. However, NBC boss and tiger aficionado Ben Silverman says there will still be an Office spin-off minus Poehler:

We’re also going to be pursuing an “Office” spinoff as well, but right now, for the moment, Greg and Mike are focused on this show, which is more in the kind of style of “The Office,” but it’s not like the Jeffersons appeared in “All in the Family.” Do you know what I mean? Her character—which is something we’re still working on and developing—but you get it.


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Genius Car Crash TV: ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid?’

Fake tan

“You look like a drag queen with a hangover” begins the critique by a computer, which continues to reveal, to some Jodie Marsh wannabe, that most men would “like to buy you a kebab”, before revealing how guh-tad the girl felt when one hundred percent of men-from-the-streeted wanted to avoid her.

This is everything the Heat generation were waiting to embrass. Presented by the ex-Atomic Kitten, “stunner”, Jenny Frost, this new show will “make-under” a few tango’d “klass-ay’ ladies, making them look more natural each week.

Watch this televisual must-see on the BBC iplayer here.

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Fear and loathing in Florida: Recount

Recount, the made-for-HBO docudrama about the fiercely contested 2000 US presidential election, is beautifully Aaron Sorkin-esque.

The two-hour series is an immense film; a harrowing tale of the fierce, domestic challenge for control of the western world. It’s one for the political junkies, the West Wing viewers who traded in their seven seasons of the Martin Sheen starrer for the $200 box set, just to glimpse the 30 minute documentary disc.

Laura Dern is incredibly revealing as Secretary of State/Bush make up tin, while Kevin Spacey is similarly Sam Seaborne-esque.

Film critic Roger Ebert:

You might assume the movie is pro-Gore and anti-Bush, but you would not be quite right. Dave Grusin’s almost eerie score evokes a journey into uncharted territories and haunted lands, but that’s as close as it comes to making a statement (other than the incredulity voiced by the losers). The Democratic Party figures portrayed in the film have been the loudest in protest, especially Warren Christopher (John Hurt), who was the first head of the Gore team, and is portrayed as a wimp ready to cave in to the GOP. Whether the film is fair to him I cannot say.

The movie will roll out internationally as the current US election heats up; Channel 4 and the BBC are understood to be vying for UK terrestrial and digital rights.

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What’s the next great American TV remake?

Beverly Hills 90210 spin off – 90210, naturally – looks like a winner. Although the full pilot won’t be finished for months, the cast is beautiful and the theme tune alone got a room full of experienced professionals visibly excited.

The original series was an international ratings beast throughout the 1990s and despite its star fading towards the end of the century as Shannen Doherty and Luke Perry exited for TV movie purgatory, the show had a good ten year run.

This lead Bored of Dictators to wonder what other hit US television series from years gone are due for a comeback.

CBS-Paramount studio sources suggested that if 90210 does well, it wouldn’t be crazy to consider bringing back original Beverly Hills 90210 spin off Melrose Place (quite possibly still featuring Heather Locklear). The CW is also not alone is bringing back a much loved franchise. NBC’s Hasslehoff-less TV movie remake of Knight Rider was successful enough for Ben Silverman to order a full series starting in September.

Would a remake of teen angst dramas My So Called Life or Party of Five work or is Gossip Girl essentially an update of sorts, swapping a grunge chic for the New York social scene?

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a simple idea that could translate again, although Will Smith would be hard to replace.

Meanwhile, there is talk of the return of Baywatch with Newlyweds-star Jessica Simpson replacing Pamela Anderson as CJ Parker, while Internet rumours suggests that Knocked Up supporting star Jonah Hill is set to star in a 21 Jump Street restyle – minus Johnny Depp.

One note of caution, however; any future spin offs must be better than Joey.

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