What’s the next great American TV remake?

Beverly Hills 90210 spin off – 90210, naturally – looks like a winner. Although the full pilot won’t be finished for months, the cast is beautiful and the theme tune alone got a room full of experienced professionals visibly excited.

The original series was an international ratings beast throughout the 1990s and despite its star fading towards the end of the century as Shannen Doherty and Luke Perry exited for TV movie purgatory, the show had a good ten year run.

This lead Bored of Dictators to wonder what other hit US television series from years gone are due for a comeback.

CBS-Paramount studio sources suggested that if 90210 does well, it wouldn’t be crazy to consider bringing back original Beverly Hills 90210 spin off Melrose Place (quite possibly still featuring Heather Locklear). The CW is also not alone is bringing back a much loved franchise. NBC’s Hasslehoff-less TV movie remake of Knight Rider was successful enough for Ben Silverman to order a full series starting in September.

Would a remake of teen angst dramas My So Called Life or Party of Five work or is Gossip Girl essentially an update of sorts, swapping a grunge chic for the New York social scene?

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a simple idea that could translate again, although Will Smith would be hard to replace.

Meanwhile, there is talk of the return of Baywatch with Newlyweds-star Jessica Simpson replacing Pamela Anderson as CJ Parker, while Internet rumours suggests that Knocked Up supporting star Jonah Hill is set to star in a 21 Jump Street restyle – minus Johnny Depp.

One note of caution, however; any future spin offs must be better than Joey.

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Life in Lala Land: 90210 and other pilots

I am in LA this week, causing trouble on studio lots and waiting to see the pilots for the forthcoming Year of Television.

The big news is the return of Beverly Hills 90210 on The CW. Having misspent my youth falling in love with Jennie Garth (90210’s Kelly Taylor) as well as Lori Loughlin (Full House), I am particularly excited about watching this (on Tuesday).

Sci-fi series Fringe is the other show worth mentioning, created by Lost boss and Cloverfield creator JJ Abrams.

More to follow…

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