Batman? Who the fuck is Batman?

Harvey Weinstein, co-chiarman of the Weinstein Company and co-founder of Miramax Films, is angry that the new Batman movie is pissing all over his indie flicks.

The relaxed and friendly movie mogul (read: Peter Biskind’s Down and Dirty Pictures) is blogging at Portfolio, Conde Nast’s hip new business title.

During a summer of hyped-comic-book heroes turned screen stars, independent film as a whole hasn’t received the attention it’s due. Yesterday, we released a film called Boy A in New York.

There are no starlets and no fluffy story lines in Boy A. One of the messages of Boy A is about giving people a second chance. It is about seeing the potential in the underdog, taking a chance and watching it grow. But, I won’t sugarcoat it–it’s still one of the toughest movies you’ll ever see: There are no happy endings and no easy solutions.


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