The Death (or Possible Survival) of the Independent Record Store

I Need That Record looks like a damn awesome documentary about the rise and fall of indie record stores in the US. Brendan Toller talks to Dischord’s Ian Mackaye, Minuteman bass rumbler Mike Watt and super-smart-socialist-for-hire Noam Chomsky and discusses the decline of traditional geek vinyl haunts and the impact of the dirrrty digital world.

However, in spite of this, it seems that the opposite trend is true in the UK, where indie record stores are booming. Rough Trade East is a huge pile of bricks and people and constantly rammed with money waving No Age fans and Puregroove is moving from its size 0 space in Archway to a much bigger spot in Farringdon. Provincial stores such as Leeds’ Jumbo and Kingston’s Banquet are also appearing healthy as hell.