Girl Talk says it’s “fair use”

You sample some of the biggest artists in music on this record. How concerned are you about getting sued by one of them?

I feel morally sound that we shouldn’t be sued — I feel like the music’s transformative; it doesn’t negatively impact anyone. And there’s a thing called Fair Use that protects work like that. It’s definitely a concern, especially with the increased level of press this album is getting, but I feel sound about it and I think there’s a whole academic and legal movement supporting more creative and open exchange of culture and ideas.


Doesn’t mean it’s actually a good record tho.

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Girl Talk vs nY Times

Girl Talk/Illegal Art:

Feed the Animals could be a kind of breakthrough, although that is hard to judge so far. Illegal Arts is run by a guy who declines to give his real name and is a bit cagey about sales figures, for the understandable reason that Girl Talk’s music is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Ny Times

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