One day there will be television on mobile phones or how I learnt to scare more easily

Making drama for the web has, up to now, been a grizzly task. Producers are expected to deliver as-good-as-proper-telly stories but must ride the wave of expectations to find an actual audience of eyeballs.

Quarterlife seemed cute, but bombed and The Burg is a neat idea, if a little stiff.

Two shows, however, that have worked are Michael Eisner’s Prom Queen and Miles Beckett’s LonelyGirl15/Katemodern.

This bodes well for horror series Blood Cell (above), which is essentially a copy and paste take on both the above starring LonelyGirl Jessica Lee Rose. The quality of the trailer pisses all over most other online shows and hopefully the run will be as sick-as-shit in a Dexter-meets-Saw way as this suggests.

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