Arthur: LA. is a psychic death hole

Arthur Magazine, the freak folk loving, Thurston Moore adoring title, is moving from Los Angeles to New York.

It’s all about Brooklyn, baby. I hear Williamsburg is wonderful this time of year.

Jay Babcock:

New York is just a more hospitable environment than L.A. ever has been or will be. L.A. is devolving quickly, and I think I got out in the nick of time. The L.A. Times is imploding, our public radio is terrible, the [L.A.] Weekly’s been devolving for years. Local media’s being run into the ground and I don’t think anybody cares. The public’s dumbed down and poorly educated. L.A. is a psychic death hole to me, and I don’t want a part of that. There are so many impending crises — the political structure, the traffic, the educational system. L.A. is failing worse than ever, and I felt that if I can get out, I should. I found a way out. For a long time now I’ve been going back and forth between L.A. and New York, and every time I got off the plane in L.A. I felt dumber.

Culture in L.A. is in a race to the bottom, and all the smart and creative people there are [involved in] new ways to do social networking or figure out what YouTube video is going to get the most views. That isn’t culture, it’s pure pandering.

LA Times

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Life in Lala Land: 90210 and other pilots

I am in LA this week, causing trouble on studio lots and waiting to see the pilots for the forthcoming Year of Television.

The big news is the return of Beverly Hills 90210 on The CW. Having misspent my youth falling in love with Jennie Garth (90210’s Kelly Taylor) as well as Lori Loughlin (Full House), I am particularly excited about watching this (on Tuesday).

Sci-fi series Fringe is the other show worth mentioning, created by Lost boss and Cloverfield creator JJ Abrams.

More to follow…

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