CSS Donkey. New album. First Listen.

CSS Donkey Album Artwork

Pop is a funny old game. It must be weird being the kinda band who one minute no-one gave a crap about, sitting around all frustrated reading i-D in some sweaty Brazilian dive bar and the next thing you remember is some daydream of walking on stage at Wembley to support Gwen Stefani and seeing the boys from Klaxons suffer from morning sickness. They expect you to go home, take three days off from a three year world tour and then comes the memo “see you next Tuesday to master the new album.”

On first lissen the new CSS record is a bit of a disappointment which on the one hand is good because it means I’m still a hipster who cares about artistic ethics but on the other it’s a bad thing because it means my love affair with ridiculous lo-fi pop shamblings are coming to an end. It’s not awful and it’s certainly gonna wriggle inside the soul of your average Heat-reader but don’t expect some second-coming of the prodical gang bang sisters.

However, they’ve still got plenty of time to deliver THE ALBUM because despite how long they seem to have been around it’s only their second LP but then it is on Sub Pop/Warners.

For a more thorough evaluation we hand you over to theQuietus.com


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