1st Quarter 2008 Best Music Bits Part 3/5



When the distracting coke-high flying pink elephant stops zooming around zee room, the third Kills album, Midnight Boom, reveals itself as an incongruous beast of dusty valve blues, skulky disco and near-future technophiliac tension. Mister Spank Rock has lowered (in a boyracer-y enhancement way) the diginess of the last album into something which refracts like a cracked disco ball in some Berlin dive-bar, the flickers of light revealing scratched art-rock carcass. Whilst nothing feels forced, not even the Beefhearted lyrical weirdness, the album doesn’t exactly flow like an undeniable masterpiece, leaving many to cast it aside, however it’s what you’d expect of a couple of brave hipsters and there’s a really special something lurking in the murk. It feels cool in a post-coital sunglasses wearing way, that’s a given but the production helps embelish some of the stronger songs into anthems from an alternate universe.

A really-really strong ‘difficult’ third album but don’t expect them to take over the world any time soon, because that’s not the poin’! 

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